Film, video, animation and text all get tangled up in the creative tentacles of Studio Sandy. The members of multifaceted Belgian collective Lisa Tahon, Nele Fack and Phéline Thierens blend their distinct skill sets into playful but powerfully cinematographic work. They mix and match the right concepts with the right projects, and present elegant results.


Filmmaker Lisa Tahon discovers poetry in every project she takes on. In her truly imaginative style she focuses on linking film and documentary with any other art form, especially jazz and dance. Within Studio Sandy she films, directs, edits and conceptualises new projects.


Visual composer Nele Fack specialises in video mapping, a projection technique that adds dimension, movement and illusion to static objects. Apart from this, she has a passion for film and animation. Together with Lisa and Phéline, she conceptualises new projects for Studio Sandy and oversees the animation and editing side of things.


Theatre maker, dramaturg and translator Phéline Thierens completes the team behind Studio Sandy. Her degrees in literature and theatre directing sparked her ongoing fascination with storytelling, languages and cross-cultural communication.